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Why use Continuing Indaba?

Jesus calls us on a journey with him and with companions, whoever we are, wherever we are from. Jesus loves us and calls us into obedience to display this love for one another and for our neighbours.

Continuing Indaba is an intentional way of being the Body of Christ. It creates a context where all members of the Body can explore their common faith and their deepest differences in order to participate in God’s mission together. It aims to draw the whole Body into identifying common mission in a way that can sit alongside governance structures.

Indaba begins with developing relationships. People are asked to discover one another’s context through conversations over meals, participating in worship in one another’s churches and exploring the Scriptures together. Participants honestly explore difference and disagreement, not seeking to change each others’ opinions. They commit to listen to one another, to pray and study Scripture and to participate in God’s mission together and are open to changing perceptions and a deeper commitment to Christ.

When you commit to Continuing Indaba you are joining with Anglican Churches around the world on a journey of conversation to strengthen relationships for mission. In particular the Primates of the Anglican Communion said:

In our common life in Christ we are passionately committed to journeying together in honest conversation. In faith, hope, and love we seek to build our Communion and further the reign of God.

What are the key values?

Continuing Indaba is an intentional way of living as the Body of Christ where ….

  • Trust is placed in God and the faith-journey of all involved is respected.
  • Relationships are prioritized and trust built across differences and divides.
  • All are fully included in the process.
  • Risks are taken to step out of comfort zones and cross barriers of division.
  • Commitments are made to listening and speaking, being open to hear other perspectives with no pressure to change position.
  • Honest conversation demands transparency, vulnerability and authenticity in relationship.



What are the key ingredients?

People joining a Continuing Indaba process will:

  • journey together stepping into one another’s lives, seeking to experience different perspectives and gaining a better understanding of their own values
  • pray and Worship together, preferably in one another’s churches, exploring differences as we come before the one God
  • read the Scriptures – Seek a deeper understanding of the Bible through processes of reflection, not seeking to find weaknesses in one another’s argument, but seeking to learn from one another
  • speak and listen honestly in safe space created by skilled facilitators.

What are the outcomes?

Continuing Indaba deepens relationships, enriches lives and enables people to grow together.

  • Space is given where there is no pressure to change a position or to win an argument, but to deepen your own faith and the faith of those who walk with you.
  • It enables churches to develop policies and practices focused on God’s mission and owned by all.
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