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What is Continuing Indaba?

The aim of Continuing Indaba is to enable Anglicans worldwide to live reconciliation by facing our own conflicts, celebrate our diversity and difference and so become agents of reconciliation in the world. This guide provides resources and seeks to generate energy to equip us all to be reconciled reconcilers. Because when this happens, in the words of Archbishop Justin: “we are unbelievably attractive, distinctively prophetic, not because we all agree, but because we disagree with passion in love, and set the bar high for the world around. And then reach out and help people over the bar.”

Continuing Indaba is an ongoing and intentional way of working as the body of Christ that…..

  • trusts God and acknowledges the faith-journey of all involved
  • builds trust and creates space for disagreement to be heard
  • insists that all groups referred to are fully included in the process
  • requires stepping out of comfort zones and a willingness to see the world through the eyes of another
  • commits to listening and being open to hear other perspectives, without pressure to change position
  • demands commitment, transparency, vulnerability and authenticity in relationship.

This results in

  • being better equipped to work together for God’s Mission
  • deepened relationships, with Christ and one another
  • enriched lives which allow people to grow together.
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