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Towards healing and repenting of the historic patriarchy of the Christian faith

Miranda N. Pillay, senior lecturer at the University of the Western Cape, offers a re-reading of Luke 4:39-9:51 and through an exploration of the silent narratives in the text offers a response to the call to  call “to repent of the historic patriarchy of our faith”. Read more »


Indaba – A Southern African Concept

In November 2009 Canon Phil Groves consulted with a group of Church leaders and theologians in order to gain a fuller concept of Indaba.  I was deeply touched when, after long discussions, he just sat down and, in a hopeless manner said, “please I need your help.”  That night when I did my night prayers it came to me that I need to help him and the rest of the group on what I personally believe as an African concerning Indaba.  This is the reflection I gave to answer Phil’s request and for the rest of the group. Read more »


Indaba and Power

Rev Janet Trisk is Rector of the parish of St David, Prestbury in Pietermaritzburg, Diocese of Natal, South Africa

 Introduction: The Church and Power

Douglas John Hall in his book, The Cross in Our Context: Jesus and the Suffering World argues that triumphalism, which presents itself as a “full and complete account of reality” and which excludes the possibility of error or difference of opinion, is a characteristic of the church in our time.[1] He contrasts this with the theology of the cross, first fully articulated by Luther, but more recently explored by Jurgen Moltmann in his, The Crucified God.

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