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September 11, 2014

Meet Alice Mogwe

by Admin
Bishop John with other Continuing Indaba facilitators

Alice Mogwe (left front row) with CI facilitators

Alice Mogwe one of the team of facilitators used by Continuing Indaba.

Many Anglicans do remarkable things, Alice is one of them. Hear her speaking about her work in Botswana on the Living Reconciliation website.

In this moving, challenging video Alice speaks about supporting two men convicted of murder and facing the death penalty. The men were not only saved, but released.

The remarkable part of the story is the way in which Alice visited the family of the murdered victim. She stood with them as well as those convicted of murder, visiting them as an expression of respect for their dignity and the dignity of all human beings.

This is just one example of a life committed to reconciliation. You can read more about Alice in Chapter 2 of the book Living Reconciliation.

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