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January 6, 2014

Wise journeying?

by Admin

The phrase ‘journeying together‘ is one that’s used a lot in conjunction with Continuing Indaba. One of the question people often want to know at the beginning of a journey is ‘where are we going?’ followed closely by ‘how are we getting there?’ and ‘how long will it take?’ When the Magi left their homes and travelled a great distance following a star, they did not know how they were going to encounter the ‘King of the Jews’. I doubt they considered that they’d find him in a humble house in Bethlehem – in fact they put the Holy Family in danger by assuming that this new king would be born in Herod’s palace. They didn’t know where they would end up or what they would encounter when they got there but what they did know was the God called them on that journey and that they would encounter God.

Like the Magi we are all invited on a journey to encounter God in people and places beyond our imaginations. One of the temptations we face as Church is to remain static to just adore Christ – without implementing in ourselves, personally and corporately, the changes that transform our communities and our world. Just as the Magi returned to their homes ‘by another route’ our encounters with Christ change our direction.

As we begin a new year may God bless our journeying together and if you want some inspiration or resources for your journey why not take a look at the resources section of this website!


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