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December 4, 2013

Theological Reflection: Power Dynamics

by Admin

All human relationships can be affected by an unbalanced distribution, even if the imbalance is only a perceived imbalance, of power.  This holds true whether one is referring to relationships between individuals or those of organizations or institutions. This relational power dynamic can come about due to economic disparity of the parties involved; because of cultural barriers associated with class, gender, etc.; or the existence of other relationships in which the parties are involved, such as familial or tribal relationships.  How should the Church respond to the issue of power in relationships and understand such dynamics in light of its reading of Scripture and accomplishing its mission in the world?

These papers try to faithfully consider this question by examining Scripture and human relationships in an attempt to draw conclusions about how God would have us interact with one another.  The broad range of locations, both geographical and social, of the authors provides a varied view of how different members of the Anglican Communion read and interpret Scripture, and gives the authors’ experience of power in relationships both inside and outside the Church.

Indaba and Power – Rev. Janet Trisk; South Africa

Tribalism and Power Struggle in the Anglican Church of Tanzania – Rev. Canon Cecilia             Mboni Kwikima; Tanzania

In From the Margins:  The Struggle for Equal Rights for Dalits and Tribals in the Church   of North India – Rt. Rev. Probal Kanto Dutta; India

Re-reading Luke 4:39-9:51:  Towards Healing and Repenting of the Historic Patriarchy    of the Christian Faith – Miranda N. Pillay; South Africa

The Philippian Model – Rev. Canon Philip Groves; UK

The Impact of Economic Realities on the Mission of the Church – Rev. Canon        Phanuel L. Mung’ong’o; Tanzania

Mission in a Context of Poverty: Lessons from the Bible – Rev. Mote P. Magomba;  Tanzania

Ordinary “Readers” versus Academic Interpretations of Scripture:  Interpreting the Bible   in a Context of Polygamy in Tanzania – Rev. Mote P. Magomba; Tanzania

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