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November 30, 2013

Theological Reflection: Current Issues

by Admin

While Indaba principles and its processes are intended to assist in a meaningful discussion between opposing viewpoints concerning any subject of importance, there are some issues currently facing the Anglican Communion and its provinces that seem to be taking the limelight.  Whether the issue is human sexuality, the debate over whether women should be consecrated as bishops, or how we face up to the structural sins of our past these issues strike deeply into the faith of all those involved.  How we look at these issues and choose to engage one another in discussion about them will have a long-lasting impact on the churches of the Anglican Communion, both internally and inter-provincially.

Some of the papers and reflections written by those participating in the Continuing Indaba Project hubs speak directly to these issues as they are understood and engaged within their specific contexts.  Not only do these reflections force us to take a look at what we think and believe within our own contexts, but reading the inmost thoughts of thoughtful and faithful Anglicans from around the Communion gives us insight into how they view the world, their faith, the church and the Communion.  These writers speak not only to the issues themselves, but also to the wonderful diversity of our Communion:

Talking about things you will never agree on – Ephraim Radner; Toronto,    Canada

Homosexuality: An Indian Issue in Church and State – Pratap C. Gine, Ph.D.; India

Seeking Reconciliation in the Anglican Communion – Rev. Canon   Jonathan Draper; UK

Living Church After the Fall:  A Canadian Case Study – Rev. Dr. Wendy Fletcher; Canada.

Anglican Dispute: What May Be Lost – Rev. William L. Sachs; USA

Anglican Dispute: What May Be Lost – Rev. William L. Sachs; USA

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