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November 11, 2013

Consequences of Indaba

by Admin

In September the diocese of New York is began a diocese wide Indaba process. At the diocesan convention last weekend Bishop Andrew Dietsche in his address described an conversation he had had following the first encounter weekend:

A member of one of our significant Manhattan churches, in partnership with a small church upstate and a congregation in the Bronx, told me that by the end of the weekend everyone was crying.  She said that this has changed her life.  It has changed her understanding of church.  She told me these things from a heart welling over with feeling.  And I confess that the passion of some of these reports has taken me aback.  What have I done, I wondered;  I’ve started something and I don’t know where it’s going.  But later she came back to me and said, “You know, Bishop Dietsche, this Indaba has an unintended consequence for you!”  And when I asked what that is, she said that if we go to close one of those smaller or poorer churches, we need to know that “they are our friends now!”  And I laughed and said that that was the whole point.  It is this which I have prayed for this diocese:  the beginning of A Shared Understanding of Our Common Life;  it is the beginning of Everybody All Together, Everybody Being One.  Read the full text here.

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