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October 30, 2013

Theological Reflections series

by Admin

Continuing Indaba is underpinned by theological reflection. When the task of designing the Pilot Conversations began, reflection on the theological and cultural contexts of the conversations was instrumental in the work of cultural adoption and helped to transform the colonial history we share. The papers themselves are vital for a deepening understanding of Indaba, but the value of these papers goes far beyond this.For example, the pilot conversation between dioceses from Southern Africa, Ghana and Kenya would not have taken place without the writings from African theologians. The bishops, clergy and laity were able to grasp ownership of process through the trust generated by consultation with theologians from their own context. The theological resource hubs enabled genuine and equal participation in the process by people from diverse backgrounds. Our hope is that these papers, together with shorter reflections on Scripture, conflict, culture and Indaba will continue to resource those engaged in Indaba processes.

Thanks to the work of our Indaba Intern we have compiled a series of reflections, introducing some of the themes in these papers. These reflections, published on this blog in eight instalments over the next few weeks, are resources to challenge, encourage and equip anyone thinking about how to engage in a conversation across difference to strengthen relationships for mission.



Conflict Transformation



Our Anglican Communion 

What is Continuing Indaba

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