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January 16, 2013

Theological Models in Continuing Indaba

by Admin

At its 2012 meeting in Auckland, the Anglican Consultative Council (ACC) recognised that the Continuing Indaba process was applicable in parishes, dioceses and provinces and Bishop Samson Mwaluda called for the process to be used at all pan-Anglican meetings.

It might seem ridiculous to argue that one process can applied in so many different circumstances. Can a process that has birth in Africa really be relevant in Hong Kong, Scotland and Latin America? The representatives at ACC 15 believed not only that it can be, they were enthusiastic.

One reason for this is because throughout the process all concerned have been very careful around the use of theological models. In this article Phil Groves, Director of Continuing Indaba, sets out the theory of models that have underpinned Continuing Indaba.

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