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November 30, 2012


Africa for Norway

by Admin

This ‘campaign’ Africa for Norway has gone viral with an excellent video that challenges assumptions about aid.

The message is a serious one, but Continuing Indaba goes a step further. The focus for fundraising that does not exploit stereotypes, is based on good information and shows respect. The aim is for aid that reflects real need.

Continuing Indaba endorses all these sentiments, but our aim is to engender true partnership through a common journey that seeks to end the donor receiver relationships that have blighted the Anglican Communion.

Next year is the 50th anniversary of the Third Anglican Congress that gave birth to Mutual Responsibility and Interdependence (MRI). The speakers at the Congress declared that the era of givers and receivers was over; 50 years later we know it is not.

Our mission is local and global. Mission takes place in a locality and is about people and their relationship with God. All mission is part of God’s Global mission. If you do mission to others without their consent you are participating in colonialism. In this we agree with RadiAid. But if we attempt mission alone we are liable to be insular, isolated and introverted.

Our message is that Norway does need Africa just as much as Hong Kong needs Jamaica and El Camino Real needs Western Tanganyika and Gloucester.

We need one another as genuine partners, not object s of aid.

We are sisters and brothers in Christ.

  1. Dec 7 2012

    Thank you Othmar, for your words of encouragement and the link to the video.

  2. Dec 6 2012

    “We need one another as genuine partners, not object’s of aid”
    Thank you so much for the creative challenge of the mostly taken-for-granted assumptions of the dynamic of aid. I wholeheartedly agree that there cannot be a gradient between the privileged and marginalized ones. After all, we are all created equal in the eyes of God.
    I have been inspired many times by people on the margins to simplify my life, and to surrender privileges that have been ascribed to me by location or social standing. I am convinced that it is more beneficial for all, if the privileged take less from the margins (rather than handing out paternalistic advice and alms).
    I would like to share a short movie I made with you. It speaks to the topic of partners in aid and what can happen if we don’t crush the agency of people with limited means and enormous needs:
    Congratulations on your initiative. May it be successful in bringing people together across cultural, political, or religious divisions.


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