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September 8, 2012

Bishop Sadock Makaya – Telling the Story

by Admin

My reflection towards the Indaba Process from my own opinion, first of all as Christian but also as a Bishop of the Diocese in Tanzania.

Honestly, I must speak with the whole truth from my heart that there have been some positive insights.

The three different dioceses as they decided to enter into the relationships and partnerships, then I joined them but did not start from the very beginning. I have been impressed by seeing three different dioceses meeting together for several reasons:

  1. Get to understand one another
  2. Walking together even if we come from the three different contexts but ONE Faith in the Lord has united us.
  3. Working together, as whenever we visit each diocese we saw some blessing: Indabahelped each of us particularly in the four Major themes we wanted to work together:
    1. Deepening the Unity
    2. Discus some challenges which face both of us like poverty
    3. Doing the Mission work regardless with the differences we have.

It was very hard for us from the DWT to accept ideas from a different perspective, like the Homosexuality was a big issue to talk together. Indaba has helped us to sit on ONE table with those who thinks different from our context.

Language was a barrier for the communication. Since the language used was English and this is the third language in my country, I saw that sometimes our participation was not as what I expected.

As I said before that before the Indaba conversations, our diocese the majority could not accept the ordination of women, although we accepted their ministry like teaching preaching, but after the Indaba the Diocese has a different mirror of the ordination of women.

One time during our service in the Cathedral, one lay person, spoke to me and said, he would like before he die to see women priests in the diocese.

Generally, Indaba in my understanding has some positive insights that we need to observe. The Bible study has truly put us together. The way our bible study was conducted moved my heart. Michael was a truly blessings under this topic.

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