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August 14, 2012


by Admin

We would like this blog to be a place where ideas are discussed in different languages and where we try to discover together how the Spirit of  Pentecost is at work in our different contexts. On the 19th July we published some of our pages in Spanish, today we have launched those pages in Kiswahili with thanks to Revd Mote Magomba for the translation.

As Phil wrote in his post in May.

The Pentecost Spirit soon broke the idea that the message was for the Jews alone. Language is far more than a collection of words; language reflects a culture and a world view… A person who speaks a language also thinks in that language and absorbs the culture. The Holy Spirit was declaring that Jesus is the Lord of all humanity, not the property of one ethnic group.

Pentecost means that no single language and no single culture can contain the complete story of God’s love for us. There is no single ‘Christian’ culture and there is not a single language capable of expressing the greatness of the triune God. This is what Max Warren meant when he said ‘Only the whole world knows the whole truth.

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