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August 10, 2012

Reflections from Tanzania – Telling the Story

by Admin

Zilpa Kisonzela, a government worker and mother of 4,  from the Diocese of Western Tanganyika (DWT) reflects on her Indaba journey as part her Diocesan team – hosting teams from the USA and UK in rural Tanzania and then visiting those partner dioceses.

Indaba  has  made me to understand the Anglican Church as a member. It made me to feel proud of being a Christian in the  Anglican Church. I  learned how to conduct a bible study in a small group which creates a room of participation, and  I applied it with my family  but not exactly the same). And I have friends in the UK as and the USA.

Zilpa describes how the Church is involved in projects in the Diocese

In DWT majority of women deal with small scale projects, done on an individual basis. But the church, under the Mothers’ Union, is planning to assists them by providing knowledge on how to conduct projects in groups and as individuals which are viable. The challenge is to find funding for conducting this training.

I learnt from our Indaba that the church has to deal effectively with projects which are profitable and prophetic. That we need to be  creative and  set measures, ways, and means of  becoming sustainable in the long run. For the time being we are facing the challenge of sustainability.

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