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July 2, 2012

Mission in Partnership through Indaba

by Admin

This experience has yielded wonderful fruits. It has fuelled an ongoing process which will deepen and spread.

So concludes the letter to Archbishop Rowan Williams from the bishops of Western Tanganyika (Tanzania), Gloucester (UK), and El Camino Real (USA), written on behalf of their Dioceses’ Indaba teams.

Their letter describes their ‘grace-filled journey’ together as three partner dioceses engaged in Continuing Indaba, strengthening and deepening relationships as individuals and dioceses. You can see something of their journey in this video. One of the fruits of these relationships is each diocese developing further their local mission because of the insight gained from the others as well and combined mission projects.

The Indaba experience has produced within us an awareness of how we can realistically assist each other in ministry and mission through our international ties now developed at a more grass roots level. We have learned quite independently about ‘doing church’ in our own local context. While some of those developments translate across our dioceses, some do not. But to know about those challenges and developments has helped all of us become more effective in our own local church and diocese, and to offer help across our partnership where we can.

For more on this and to download the full letter visit the Diocese of Gloucester website.

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