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May 29, 2012



by Admin

Welcome to the new Continuing Indaba website!

This blog is a place for conversations to continue and new ones to begin.

This page will become a resource for anyone seeking to join in the journey of conversation to strengthen relationships for mission.

The website opens with a report of the work so far and will be updated regularly with theological papers and personal reflection by those already involved Continuing Indaba.

Please leave comments and get involved.

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  1. May 30 2012

    This is a great day in the life of the Communion. Giving us all a chance to share in the Indaba, and as we positively speak to each other, and pray for each other, and enable us to understand each other, and grow in the Spirit. Although outside the Alleluia season, it must be one loud ALLELUIA

  2. May 29 2012

    This is so exciting. As a founding member of Katrina’s Dream (please see I look forward to reading this blog.

  3. May 29 2012

    This is very exciting. As a founding member of Katrina’s Dream, seeing this “next step” come to fruitation is a dream come true.

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